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Molix Glide Bait 178 Slow Sinking

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Designed by the Italian engineers at Molix and Elite Series pro, Carl Jocumsen, the Molix Glide Bait Swimbait was developed over several years to ensure perfect swimming action and the highest attention-to-detail to give anglers the absolute best glide bait at an unbeatable price point. Made from a super durable resin material, the Molix Glide Bait Swimbait features a single joint construction and precision internal weighting, which creates an enticing side-to-side “S” swimming action with a steady retrieve and an erratic darting action when twitched with the rod tip. It will also turn 180-degrees after a hard snap of the rod followed by slack in the line to challenge following bass to strike.

Not only does the Molix Glide Bait Swimbait provide an unbelievable swimming action, it is covered in highly realistic details including 3D eyes, soft 3D fins, textured scales, molded gill plates, and a special UV coating that will fool the most lure-shy bass into biting. It is also outfitted with ultra sharp treble hooks that are attached by swiveling hook hangers, which eliminates leverage fish can use to throw the bait and dramatically increases your fish landing ratio. Offered in multiple custom painted colors, the Molix Glide Bait Swimbait is exactly what you need for targeting trophy sized bass.