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Ledge Hog LHBB0061 4" JB8 TN Golden Blade Bait 1 3/4oz

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Unlike any other blade bait on the market, the Ledge Hog Fishing Supply Blade Baits are built to catch lunker-sized bass and effectively target any section of the water column. Molded with a unique shape and a precisely balanced belly weight, the Ledge Hog Fishing Supply Blade Baits generate a hard thumping vibration that fires up schools of bass to feed and triggers aggressive reaction strikes. They also feature an innovative clip system along the top, which allows anglers to change the line-tie connection point and totally change the action to effectively fish everything from shallow to deep and everything in between. 

Ready to fish right out of the package, the Ledge Hog Fishing Supply Blade Baits come standard with razor sharp Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks, high quality split rings, and a premium snap to ensure solid hook ups and plenty of strength to land trophy caliber bass. Offered in multiple baitfish color patterns, the Ledge Hog Fishing Supply Blade Baits redefine the possibilities of blade bait fishing.

Hole 1 – Straight tight wobble for shallow cranking or jigging
Hole 2 – Slight tail angle for medium to deep cranking or jigging
Hole 3 – Medium tail angle for spooning, cranking, or jigging
Hole 4 – High tail angle for spooning or surfacing
Hole 5 – Max tail angle for waking on top of the water

Length Weight
3" 3/4oz
4" 1-3/4oz
5" 3-3/4oz