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Jackall DeraBuzz 1/4oz Sexy Ayu

by Jackall
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Showcasing excellent versatility and peerless performance, the Jackall Dera Buzz Buzzbait is an explosive tool for targeting fish on the surface of your favorite fishery. Compact and lightweight enough to be employed with both casting and spinning outfits, the Dera Buzz relies on an unintimidating profile and specialized blade to attract the heart-racing blow-ups that can turn even the most casual angler into an addict. The unique prop features wings on the top of the blade that not only grabs and throws a generous amount of water, but also helps ensure the buzzbait runs during the retrieve.

Poised below the specialized blade, the Jackall Dera Buzz Buzzbait boasts a custom-designed head with holographic eyes that is meticulously molded to provide a low center of gravity and increase castability. A flowing skirt is affixed behind its custom head and adds the perfect amount of shimmer without causing too much resistance. That skirt also conceals a powerful hook that delivers solid hooksets while preventing trophy bass from shaking off during an acrobatic battle back to the boat. A dynamite tool for calling scale-busting bass up to the surface, the Jackall Dera Buzz Buzzbait is sure to be a point of pride in every topwater arsenal.